Schoolkids having fun
Beer drinking buddies having a good time
What's there to see......
.....a glimpse of Britains coast
we survived the North Sea
it seems that what is said about the English weather, is true...
high level bridge
want to know were all that rain is going
the better part of town?
shop till you drop
Northumberland street
unaware of feeding the pigeons
run for shelter
old vs new
across the city
use a zip wire to cross the river
what came first...the house or the bridge
who needs to walk
bridges over the river Tyne
say cheeeeese....
at the Bee Hive it's a coming......
...and going
it looks like cotton candy
Grainger Market
Grainger Market
street artist.....with a beautiful voice
looking for Scotland?
the first one's there
bus stop
this was Newcastle Upon Tyne in 4 hours
having fun in the sun
enjoy the sunset
another day ends
approaching the Dutch coast
the future of energy
not the most natural coastline
still an impressive sight
entering IJmuiden harbour
looking for a beach holiday
'Tata Steel' IJmuiden the Netherlands
All photos shot with fuji XE-2
edited with LR & PS
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