Caleta de la Glea
Playa Aguamarina
Playa Aguamarina
Campoa Amore
La Zenia
building activities in Campoa Amore
what crisis?
view from my balcony, Orihuela-Costa
view from my balcony 2
pre high season Torrevieja
apartment block in need of renovation
in line to wash off the sand
new pueblo-style housing further inland
traditional farmhouse near San Miguel de Salinas
prepared lands
melon harvest at 35 degrees
palm plantation
as far as the eye can see
lemons, oranges etc.
the only water available
and so much land to irrigate
reservoir, frogs heaven
fresh from the land
lunchtime with great paella
restaurant La Hija del Curro, Los Garres near Murcia
in northern regions we put plants in greenhouses made of glass to let the sun come in
here they are made of cloth to keep the sun out
properties are well protected
pepper country
it's quite common to see simple housing between the fields, I assume they're occupied by workers that pick
the fruits en vegetables
a lot of workers are of african origin
Cabezo Gordo
a beautiful hump in the landscape
photo's made with Fuji XE-2  with 18-55mm f2.8-4 in the period 2016-06-25/2016-07-02
edited with photoshop cc
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